Our Mission

Our mission with this website is to connect our nation's prisoners with someone who is willing to take some time out of their busy schedules to brighten one of the prisoners day. It only takes a few minutes to a say a few kind words. By connecting prisoners with the outside world helps with depression and socialization.

Our Goal

Our goal is to find Pen Pals for prisoners across the United States. Some may think that prisoners don't deserve to have contact with the outside world but;that is so untrue because most of these prisoners will eventually walk the same streets as we do. If they do not know how to communicate with people they will not be successful when they come out of prison.

My Husband started writing to prisoners in 2015 when he started his recovery. He has been an alcoholic for twenty five years. He has been in rehab several times with some bumps in the road. Yes, he has fallen off the wagon a time or two just like most addicts do. However, when he started writing to these guys in prison they helped to encourage him to keep up the good work. Through the encouragement from the guys, and his family, he has been clean a year as of April 1, 2018.  So not only has his writing to the guys  helped them, they have also helped him.

About Us

Our website is different from the others. We will have your ad up and running within seven days of receiving your request and payment. If you find an issue with the ad we placed, contact us and we will respond within 24 hours by phone or email. If you correspond by mail we will respond to your letter within 24 hours by return mail. We pride ourselves in responding quickly to your concerns. We will send a finished copy of your ad and if there are changes that need to be made return it with the changes.

Our Promise

Why Choose Us?

So you ask why choose Reaching a Prisoner website? We are a family owned business and we care about our customers. We will do everything to make your ad successful. We believe that there is a need out there for prison pen pal websites. We have been writing prisoners since 2015. We have seen how hard it is to navigate through most of the websites so we have designed our site to make it friendly and easy to navigate. Our promise is to have the ad you want the way you want it.