Tips for making your ad special:

* Make sure your picture is clear and you are smiling. It helps with making you look friendly and approachable.

*  When writing your ad you want to sound sincere, show your sense of humor, or your warm side.

* Give a little background information about you. What you like to do, what movies you like, or may be what books you like to read. Tell them about your accomplishments you have made while in prison; like getting a GED, working with the dog program, or peer groups you may have worked with.

*  Describe the type of people you may want writing you. Don't limit yourself to on gender as you may be surprised who you might meet.

*  Make sure to use all of the 350 words to your benefit. The better you describe yourself the more people will reach out.

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When submitting your ad make sure you upload to the application. When you have finished the application submit it then make your payment with the payment button. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by phone at (412) 408-3449 or use the contact form or by email at