South Carolina and South Dakota

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Michael P. Grafmuller

Military Brig

1050 Remount Road 

Building 3107

Charleston, SC 29406

Military Brig


Donovan Jones#16387-171


P.O. Box 699

Estill, SC 29918

Age: 39

Looking to Write: Transgenders and Transsexual

Expected Release: 6/15/2020

Ad expires: 2/15/2020

Chaske McDonuogh#07696

Mike Durfee State Penitentiary

1412 Duff Road

Springfield, SD 57062

Age: 38

Expected Release: 11/27/2031

Looking to Write: Anyone,Woman

Ad Expires 9/28/2020

Oscar Villatotro #08801-007

Federal Correctional Institution-Bennettsville

P.O. Box 52020

Bennettsville, SC 29512

Age: 40

Expected Release: 2021

Looking to Write: Woman

Ad Expires 11/22/2019

Richard Madetzke #20415

SD Correctional Facility 

1412 Wood Street

Springfield, SD 57062-2238

Age: 40

Expected Release: 10/2025

Looking to Write: ANYONE

Ad Expires 6/30/2020